Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Children's Classics: Picture Books


This month's theme for Children's Classics at 5 Minutes for Books is picture books.  When I was young I remember large bookcases near my father's desk,  filled with Dr. Seuss books.  They were all in a series, probably obtained with green stamps from the grocery store.  I'm laughing now at all of you too young to know what I am talking about.  But you are probably laughing at me for being so old.  Okay, we're even.

Anyway, those books were and still are and will always be super fun!  My favorites were Are You My Mother? and Go, Dog, Go!  I have snuck away a few volumes for my own children's bookshelves, but they mostly have newer versions of their own.

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A newer series that my boys have all loved and I would consider a classic is  Parts by Tedd Arnold  (although my middle child is quite literal, and was a bit scared by these volumes for a while lol. ;)  I would definitely recommend the books, especially for young boys.  I think they are classics because of the fun story and the hilarious illustrations.  Basically, a young boy mistakes hair in his comb, loose teeth, etc. as signs that his body is coming unglued.  (A cute little coincidence, in book one the boy is reading Dr. Seuss!)

This was fun, and I look forward to seeing what everyone else has chosen.  As soon as we finish re-reading Parts, of course. :)


  1. Those sound like fun books. I have never heard of them before but will be adding them to my list of books to look for at the library next week.

  2. I love the Dr. Seuss books but I've never heard of Parts. They sound hilarious.


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