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Destination Disney: MGM, Hollywood Studios, Disney Studios


Whatever!  This park has gone through so many name changes I've quit keeping up lol.  But I guess that makes all the pins and maps I have with the original name(s) all the more valuable, huh?


Okay, I have lathered up in Vicks and am sucking on a Halls so I can get this post up.  (In case you couldn't guess, the kiddos passed on their virus to dear old mom ;)  Heidi at Reviews by Heidi is hosting this meme to help share our knowledge of all things Disney World!  This week's theme is Disney Studios.  I will admit, this is not my favorite park.  If we had to skip a park on a visit, for me it would be this one.  But my family would balk, as there are lots of attractions here that they adore.


Like this one:  Star Tours.  It's a simulation ride that takes you on a wild tour of space as if you are in one of those star wars space ships.  The ride can get bumpy, but I've been on it a lot and never gotten sick (and I get sick in the car, people!)  I suggest sitting in the back, or the very front and just enjoy.  This is a definite must for any Star Wars fans in your family.  Be sure and check out the big thing pictured above and get your picture taken on these things across from the ride...


Super cool. (How about that technical jargon, huh?)  Also check the guide booklet to see if they are having any jedi training sessions the day you are visiting.  A few lucky kids in the crowd get to battle Darth Vader!  Of course there is also a decked out gift shop at the end of the ride where you can pose as your favorite Star Wars character for a neat souvenir picture.  My boys did this, but will not allow me to post the end result.  If you are not a Star Wars fan, there are some benches nearby that make a wonderful waiting area.


Visiting Disney Studios takes a little more planning than the other parks, as many of the attractions are shows that only run a few times a day, including Indiana Jones, The Little Mermaid, Playhouse Disney and this new show...

IM002896 IM002909

Lights, Motors, Action.  This is a great show but I warn you, there is a lot of walking and stair climbing to get to and from the attraction.  It's a much bigger arena than Indiana Jones and if you have little ones to carry, it's a trek lol.  Plus, while they have fans, it can get hot.  Take a cue from this cutie...


and bring a big drink. ;)  I think our family's favorite ride is probably the Backlot Tour.  It starts with a little show of how some of the stunts and effects were carried out in the Pearl Harbor movie.  They recruit people from the line to act out these stunts and it's pretty funny.  If you want to be part of the show, go to the front of the line and tell the cast member you are interested.  You may have to wait for a later show if you aren't early enough, but it's fun (dh and I did it several years ago.)  After the little show you walk through a warehouse filled with props from movies and t.v. shows to get to the trams for the tour.  Do you want to get a little wet?  Sit on the far left.  Want to scare one of your kids?  Have them sit on the far left.  Trust me.


On the tour you get to see all kinds of old cars and large props from movies as well as some behind the scenes at Disney Studios itself (they are a working production studio, btw and it is not out of the question to see a celebrity while you are there.)  This pic is of some props from one of the Pirate movies.  It's not a terribly long ride, but you do need to make sure your party has pottied before you start and you do have to leave any strollers behind.

A lot of the attraction of this park is the fake scenery all around. 


My ds loves the snowmen!  Only time he ever gets to see any lol.


This is the fountain outside of the Muppets 3D movie.  It's a ton of fun, don't miss it.  It's cute even without the 3D effects (which is helpful when you have a toddler who won't wear the glasses.)


Near the end of the Backlot Tour ride is a playground based on the Honey I Shrunk The Kids movie.  It is a lot of fun, but kinda cramped and can get crowded.  It helps to have an older brother to follow the little ones around. ;)  But it is a great place to let the little ones burn off some energy and there is a snack place nearby.

Disney Studios is a fun park, one where you could spend a whole day or just half a day and still get a lot done.  I advise you to plan ahead for this one.  I wouldn't go here on my first day...get the maps and time guides from the front desk and familiarize yourself with the times the shows start and where they are located (don't want to have to run all the way from Indiana Jones to the Playhouse Disney show in a short amount of time!)
Even we seasoned Disney World goers get lost in this park...the streets, while labeled with street signs and all, look similar, and there are lots of little alleys and such leading to areas you may miss. 

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  1. Great pictures and stories. I love to see other people's trips!

  2. Hi Julie,

    Sorry you aren't feeling well; I hope you feel better soon!

    Your kids look so cute with the snowman. Well, they always look so cute! Your snowman picture reminded me that I haven't taken a picture of my girls with the snowman yet. I need to do that, hopefully soon! Thanks for the fun I had reading your post! Feel better soon!


  3. Wow! I love your post because it is SO different from mine. You pulled in such different things, which is so exciting because the whole point is to get information from a lot of different sources and opinions.
    Great pics!
    Hope you're feeling better!


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