Thursday, September 25, 2008

Homeschool P.E.

I haven't done any formal phys ed. with the children before this year.  My kiddos have always been exposed to sports and are very active so we just never bothered with any "formal" lessons.  This year I acquired Homeschool P.E. for the P.E. Challenged Mom by Anne Elliott  and figured I'd try it out.  So far we have loved it!  Basically you introduce various challenges to the kiddos (mostly from the presidential fitness challenge) each week, along with lessons on various popular sports.  Here is how a typical week goes:

  • Monday:  Introduce new challenge.  This week ours was push-ups.
  • Tuesday:  Kiddo picks a "movement card" to perform.  (I made up little cards with "go on a bike ride" or "jump rope" for activities.)
  • Wednesday:  Introduce a sport.  You actually learn about the sport for a month.  This month has been volleyball.
  • Thursday:  Play a fun game
  • Friday:  Research a health concern.  This week is saturated fats.

Dh and I have even gotten involved in the challenges.  And while a new challenge is introduced each week, you still practice all the old ones.  So far we have sit-ups, endurance run, and push-ups.  I stink at all of them, but am slowly improving.  At the end of the school year we can take the president's challenge to show off our physical fitness.  Can't wait. ;)

Anywho, today was "movement card" day and ds picked "obstacle course."  Basically I had them construct and then run through a homemade obstacle course.  Getting fit has never been so much fun. :)

100_5678 Here is the first part of their course.  Jumping over an overturned car and borrowed swing.  Creative little buggers, aren't they?

000_0366 Ds3 getting ready to vault over the car.

000_0372 Next they had to run from the patio to the fence and back in a sideways shuffle.  Here is the ref, making sure they touch the fence. :)

000_0363 Finally they had to run across the yard, scoop up a ball and jump off a step stool to make a slam dunk.  Here is ds2's dunk attempt.

000_0369 Look at that reach!  Go ds3!

000_0364 Ds4 decided to modify the course and run around the jumping challenge.

000_0370 Someone always has to fall. :(  Ds4 is down for the count.

It was a fun activity that not only had them exercising, but working together.  Can't beat that with a stick.

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  1. Oh how cool! Currently, our PE is pretending to animals, wrestling, and jumping off the couch, table, bed, (whenever mom isn't looking)


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