Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs: Summer Photo Essay


What a neat assignment for Homeschool Memoirs this week!  Gee, living in Florida and near beaches I bet you just can't guess what all my photos will have!LOL!

Let's see, we start our summer break with swim lessons at my alma mater.  This year all three boys participated (this was ds4's first time!)

100_2843 That's ds3.  This was his second year of lessons and he had a ball.

100_2864 There is ds4.  This was such a fun group to watch.  They were alternately thrilled and scared.

100_2840 Ds2, "the pro" in the deep end.  He did dives off the big board this year.

100_2767 Next a trip to one of our favorite swimmin' holes was in order.  Dh helping ds1 get his fishing gear ready.

100_2791 Ds4 practicing his surf moves.

100_2815 Ds3 just being ds3.

100_2823 His big catch!

Next we spent the 4th of July at my inlaws.  We celebrated ds2 and my niece's bday, saw fireworks and played with kittens.  Oh, and swam. ;)

100_3314 Bday people blowing candles!

100_3295 Aw, kittens!

100_3366 Check out that jump!  The boy can hold his ears and nose closed at the same time. LOL


100_3077 Ds3 participated in a junior ranger program at the Gulf Island National Seashore.

100_3127 We went to the park a lot.

100_5125 We visited a butterfly house.


That was fun.  I really look forward to seeing everyone's photo essays!  Happy Homeschooling!  Julie


  1. Looks like a wonderful, fun summer.
    I'm sure the Butterful house was lots of fun. One of our local aquariums has a Butterfly Pavilion and it is one of my absolute favorite places!
    Thanks for sharing your summer.:)

  2. Ah! I miss the beach!!! Thanks for sharing your summer. Here's to husbands who smoke! (meat, that is ;D).

  3. Summer is always so much fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures of your boys!

  4. Great pictures and sounds like y'all had a wonderful summer!



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