Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's On My Nightstand: September 2008


It's Tuesday, and that means a fun meme awaits at 5 Minutes for Books.  This week we share what is on our nightstand.  Okay, well there is a box of tissues, a near empty tub of Vicks, a bag of Halls...oh wait, books!  You want to see what books I have on my nightstand.  Oooooooh.


And yes, technically that is not my nightstand, it's my kitchen counter.  My picky camera doesn't like the lighting in my bedroom. ;)  Okay, so we have Jane Eyre (still!), To Love Honor and Vacuum for a study at HOTM, and two library books I picked up, The Creative Teacher and Teachable Moments.  I am waiting for the second book in the Twilight series to come in the mail and it, too, will be on my nightstand (only during sleeping hours as I will probably devour it lol.)

I have actually read quite a bit this month.  I found a little book titled The Sand Castle on the "new" table at the library and figured I could read it quickly as a break from Jane Eyre.  I read it practically in one sitting!  For such a short story it is cute, funny and well written with memorable settings and characters.  Of course I had to check out Rita Mae Brown's other works and found Six of One, an older work which follows the lives of the characters in The Sand Castle.  This one was longer and more in depth and equally well written with characters you will not forget for a while.   Turns out Rita Mae Brown writes mysteries as well that my mom reads!  (Mom and I both read a lot, but not the same genre.  It's fun to find an author we both like.)

I also finally tackled Twilight this month.  For people who think to themselves "I don't really want to read anything about vampires" don't worry...this isn't some gory sci-fi vampire book.  It's about young love and romance and the vampire stuff is not gory at all.  After Twilight I read Where The Heart Is, the book that the movie is based on about the "girl who lived in the Wal-Mart."  I had seen the movie but never read the book.  It was a nice quick read and gave me a lot of details the movie left out.

So, is it any wonder I haven't finished Jane Eyre yet? LOL

Happy reading everyone. :)


  1. =D I love your list.

    I'm also really, really curious about your book Teachable Moments. If you post a review of it - let me know!

  2. Yes, I find the teaching titles interesting too. You've stayed busy among the shelves, that's for sure! I admire people who can read more than one book at once.

  3. It is easy to get distracted from Jane Eyre, I must admit. ;-) I read through her school experiences kind of quickly because it's a little sad. Now I'm on Chapter 15 - hoping I'll finish by October 7 for the bookclub! Where are you? That's what I posted my "What's On Your Nightstand" about, too. I've been posting my thoughts as I read through Jane Eyre. :-)

    I finished Breaking Dawn this month. That's all I'll say. ;-)

  4. Hi Julie,
    I hope you are feeling much better now and your cold is gone!
    I had to laugh about the Twilight series. I think this is the big teen favorite in our area too. All the kids who visit us are talking about it. I haven't had a chance to read them yet.
    Thanks so much for your prayers. I'm hoping everything will be back to normal soon. : )


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