Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Am I In Oz? Or Maybe Colorado?


Okay, who broke the thermometer?!?  Oh, it's working.  Okay, then who moved Florida while I was asleep?  People, it's 36 degrees right now!  At 9 in the morning.  And last night it was even colder!  We live on the coast so our temps were even warmer than our inland neighbors...they had freeze warnings!  What is going on?  It's still October isn't it?  Dh knew this was coming so I made a mad dash at hunting down all the boxes of winter clothes and the kiddos performed the yearly "does this still fit" fashion show yesterday afternoon.  Poor ds2 has outgrown it all, and ds4 needs pants, but ds3, the middle child, made out with ds2's older clothes now fitting him. :)

This is big shopping day, which means there is no food in the house lol.  No cereal, eggs, bacon, not even any pancake makings.  So I scrounged the fridge and found a package of crescent rolls.  I scanned the Pillsbury website (very handy indeed) and found a recipe for mini cinnamon rolls using the crescents.  Can I just say yummy!!  I made up some gingerbread spice tea and served the kiddos on the "good" (read real, not paper) plates and they thought it was a real treat. :)

100_6760 100_6762 This is Katy, my beautiful black cat.  She is relaxing on dh's pillow.  It's like a little game she plays...dh doesn't really like cats and she seems to know this and chooses his pillow out of the 5 beds in this house lol.  Isn't she just beautiful, though?  We are running a little late this morning, but the breakfast seems to be waking and warming the kiddos up enough to start filling their brains.  Off to learn! :)


  1. Brr. That is chilly. We had to put on socks, jeans and sweatshirts today.. that's as far as I want to go from here on out.. Hope it doesn't get any colder..

    Stay warm

  2. LOL! It's snowing in the North, it's freezing in the South, and here in the great middle of the continent, it was 80 degrees today!


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