Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's On Your Nightstand: October

Nightstand It's Tuesday, time for another meme from 5 Minutes for Books.  This week we share what is on our nightstand.

100_6757 Okay, we have on the bottom a book I ordered from Amazon called Family Math.  Ds3 is still having problems with math...not so much understanding or learning it, but it being too repetitive and boring for him.  So I'm hoping this book, which is supposed to be full of fun math learning games will help.  Next is Multiple Blessings by Kate Gosselin, the mom to the sextuplets from the Jon & Kate plus 8 show.  I'm already about 1/2 through the book and am enjoying it.  I thought there would be more of the "nitty gritty" of their experience, but it's more about their faith helping them get through.  There are a few funny and informative parts (like when Kate came home from the hospital after giving birth and still had a foley bag.  She had been cooped up so long she wanted to shop, and wound up forgetting about the bag until it was full...they had to stop and empty it by the side of the road. :P

I'm still plodding through To Love Honor and Vacuum, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (for the 5MFB bookclub) and have started re-reading the Harry Potter series.  I am actually awaiting another book I ordered from Amazon to join the stack on the nightstand...Princess Diaries IX, Princess Mia.  That one is part of my Fall Into Reading and 50 Books challenges.  That's about it...I'd say that's about enough as well lol.  Look forward to seeing what everyone else is reading this month. :)


  1. Hi Julie, interesting books you have there. I received one of the Harry Potter books in the mail today so it's not on the pile I photographed but it's a funny coincidence that you have one on your pile. :-)

  2. I have got to get reading A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.

  3. I would like to read multiple blessings. I saw an article about them today in People magazine.

  4. That's a beautiful copy of A Tree Grows. I've been wanting to read that book since elementary school. I bought it at a book fair back then, but my Mom wanted to read it first since she hadn't. I suspect she never finished it because it mysteriously disappeared. I should dig through old books next time I go see my parents.


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