Friday, October 24, 2008

Destination Disney: Magic Kingdom

Ahh, time again for another Destination Disney, hosted by Heidi.  This week's theme is the Magic Kingdom.  I love the MK!  It is by far my family's favorite park.  Every trip to Disney we take, the first day (or afternoon as the case may be) is spent at MK park.  Always.  It just isn't a Disney trip for us without it! :)

I mentioned in the previous DD post about someday getting my photos organized and able to share more easily.  Well, folks, the painful (not kidding here) process has begun.  So I am able to share a few scanned older photos I have come across in my endeavors.

Did you know, late in 1996, to celebrate the park's bday, they redecorated the castle as a bday cake?

scan0003 Oh yes they did!

scan0005 This is dh, ds1 and ds2.  I'm going to say it's around 1998.  Yep, kicking myself here for not labeling them properly from the start. :P

scan0002 One year, I'm thinking '96 again, we went to MK at Christmas time.  The tree at the front of the park had ornaments bigger than my kids. :P

scan0001 Okay, going pretty far back here, probably '93 maybe '94.  This is the submarine you rode for the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride.  While MK is probably a favorite for people because it has very classic rides, rides that have been around a while and that many generations have enjoyed, it does change and mix things up to attract newer audiences.  For instance, I miss the Lion King show at MK, but LOVE the 3D movie, Mickey's Philharmagic, that took it's place.  And there was an uproar over removing Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, but who doesn't love the Winnie the Pooh ride that took it's place?

scan0007 Here is a spot that has stood the test of time...Tom Sawyer's Island.  Here is my ds1 when he was about 6yo (1996.)

IM002857 Here are dh and ds2 about a year ago.

IM002849 Ds1 and ds2 on Dumbo last year. 

scan0009 Dh and ds1 in 1996.  OMgoodness, that was 12 years ago!  Ack I'm old.  I mean Dumbo is old.  But he has stood the test of time. :)

Okay, I'm about to cry here, so I'll wrap it up.  MK is the best of the 4 parks, imo, because it started it all, was Walt's "baby", and has something for everyone in your family.  Go there.  Now.  And label your pictures when you get home.


  1. I know how you feel about labeling photos. I am way behind on that job myself.
    Was the Tom Sawyer island around when we were kids? I remember something like that from my time at Disney.

  2. Awwww.....I LOVE your post! What fun! Thanks for sharing the 20,000 Leagues picture - I remember that ride from our first trip to Disney and am still waiting to see what they might plan to do with that area.
    Thanks for your thoughts on next year's schedule. I think we'll go with a once-a-week thing. Thursday may actually be a good day.


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