Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am in BIG trouble...

because of this guy.

100_5977 The little furry guy, not the cutie holding him. :)  This cute, cuddly, purry, furry creature has been hanging out at my front door this week.  We have tested Dh's patience with our own 4 cats, we DO NOT need another addition.  Tell that to my children.  PLEASE!  And tell that to the little guy.  Go ahead, I dare you.  He has a purr that is irresistible.  But no, I am holding my ground.

100_5975 Oh, give me strength!!


  1. That is to funny. We have had three cats show up to live outside or in the garage. We have one indoor cat. I think my hubby would say no to more cats also.

    But the cat is so cute, who could resist him? Your ds is adorable too!

  2. LOL. At my house that would be easy.. we are a dog family, but I know how tempting those cute things are.

    Did you want me to send you a coupon for the pizza crust? Just send me your email and I'll send you one

  3. I pity you. ;)

    So much, in fact, that I tagged you for a meme!

    You are welcome. :)


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