Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Outdoor Hour Challenge #31: Trees Introduction


We took a week off this month so our nature studies have been pretty casual.  To do this challenge I simply handed ds2 the camera and all of us went on a walk around the neighborhood (including the girl across the street from us.  She actually asks every day, "Are ya'll going on a nature walk today?")  Here are the trees he spotted.

100_5884 An oak of some sort.  (Pardon my technical jargon here. :P)

100_5888 Some palms.  You know, in our area of Florida palms don't actually do that well...we do get years with freezing and below temps.  One year the hospital shipped in a bunch of palms and planted them, only to have them die that winter.  What a shame.

100_5990 A magnolia.  This is the time of year they are dropping their "cones" with the little red seed in them.

100_5995 Later we went to a local park where we could get a little more "up close and personal" with the trees.  Here ds3 and ds4 are checking out the bark of an oak.

100_5993 The magnolia feels much smoother. :)

100_5994 Thanks to hurricane Ivan, we got to see this tree's root system up close!

100_6006 On the drive home, ds captured some more trees.  Here is one that actually has leaves that change color...another rarity in our "neck of the woods."

So that's our "introduction" to trees.  And yes, I know, I used way too many quotation marks in this post.  Forgive me.  I think it's low blood sugar or something.  Anyway, stay tuned for more "in-depth" looks into specific trees in future challenges. :)  Or just join in!  Or both!


  1. Thank you for your kind words. We have a lot of fun with these Outdoor Hour challenges. Yes, of course you may steal all you like and link to mine if you like as well. These ideas are out there to share! I enjoy watching your blog, too. The climate where you are looks so different from ours...so tropical. Take care, and have fun! Keep in touch,
    Phyllis at Bergblog

  2. What a great idea for your son to take photos of the trees in your neighborhood! I enjoyed your words in the entry as well.

    We have a magnolia tree in our front yard believe it or not and that crazy tree is the messiest thing around. Yes, we are getting the cones with the red berries all squished on the sidewalk to the house. Sigh.

    Anyway, I enjoyed seeing your trees and thanks for sharing your link,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom


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