Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs: Mom Help


This week I’d like to invite you to share what YOUR “Mom” help is. Some drink coffee, soda, or chai-tea. Others check email or read their favorite blogs. Some talk a walk…. what do you do when you need to clear your head and take a breather?

Scripture Share:

Please share a Scripture that gives you a “mom” help when you’re spirit is feeling overwhelmed.

Well, being from the south, it's not too hard to guess my little helper...sweet tea!  I mainly drink water all day, but treat myself to a big cup of the sweet stuff as necessary. :)  Another treat for me is a good book.  I really enjoy escaping to the other worlds presented to me in a good book.  Finally, as a homeschooling Mom, I'm around my kiddos 24/7, so just taking any kind of trip outside the house by myself is a great help.  I don't get to do this very often, but at least every two weeks I do get to do our grocery shopping by myself.  I get to spend a good hour and a half recharging my mom batteries lol.  And when I get home the boys and dh put the groceries up and eat the 1/2 price Whataburger burgers I picked up for them and I get to eat a microwave meal of my choice anywhere I front of the t.v., with a good book, etc. :)  Yeah for me, tonight is one of those nights!

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."  1 Peter 5:7


  1. Sunshine State as in Florida?? Hey I grew up in Florida I miss the sun I am in Indiana now. U R SO LUCKY. Thanks for looking at my blog I like This too shall pass. I say it very often!!! LOL

  2. I enjoy grocery shopping alone. Like you said, it is a chance to recharge those mom batteries.
    I love the verse you shared today, too! So glad I've got someone so much bigger than my problems to care for me!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Sounds like a winner. I too love to get away on my own. I just got back from a ladies conference over the weekend and that was a wonderful destressor!

  4. I love getting out by myself, but I always end up missing my kids!

    Your verse is a great one, thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Julie :) I enjoyed visiting with you! Sweet tea is a lovely treat - we even have our own "family recipe". I enjoy running errands alone, too, every once in a while. And I'm always glad to get back to my sweeties. Blessings! Q

  6. When my children were younger I used to love to get out for an hour or two and just walk around Target. I rarely bought anything, but it felt so good just to LOOK!

  7. Any trip without kids is considered mom time around here. Not that I get that much either.
    We don't even have a Whataburger to get the 1/2 price burgers from.


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