Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not the best day ever...

LOL.  Well, we had a great day Tuesday, followed by some not so great days.  Yesterday dh was called unexpectedly out of town.  This morning I hit my pinky toe on the toy box and broke my toe!  It was sticking out at a 90 degree angle and the dr pulled it back into place, but the xray shows it's broken, so it's taped to other toes for now.  After a week we go back to see if it's healing well.  At first it didn't really bother me, but now YIKES!  I was a dummy and kept walking on it and now it's all swollen, blue and red, and throbbing. :(  I'm trying to keep it elevated and iced and the kids are trying their best...well, you know how that goes. ;P  So that's why I haven't been around.  Thank goodness for laptops, huh?  As soon as the throbbing stops maybe I'll do some catching up. :)


  1. Poor you! I am praying that your toe is feeling much better soon. : )

  2. Ouch! I'm so sorry that happened. I will be praying for a quick recovery. After breaking my ankle this year I can so sympathize, a broken anything hurts so bad.



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