Monday, November 10, 2008

Product Review: Seat Snug


I am a member of Mom Central, a great site that gives moms like us the opportunity to try new products.  I was sent a cool new product called the Seat Snug to try out.  It is designed to stabilize booster seats, making them safer to use.  I have used booster seats with all 4 of my boys over the years.  Currently, ds4 is in one.  And it is true, booster seats are convenient to use with older toddlers and preschoolers, but they do have a lot of "give" to them.  It's difficult to position the seat belt over them in a way that is snug enough to keep the seat secured to the car seat, but not too tight on the child.

The concept behind this product is pretty simple.  You simply clip it to the car's seatbelt, buckle your kiddo up, and tighten the lap belt portion over his hips to secure the booster seat.  The child still has plenty of upper body movement that you want in a booster, but is now secured better to the car seat.

The Seat Snug is designed to stay on the seatbelt once installed, but does have an "on/off" switch so you can easily adjust the belt on your child, or have someone else use the seatbelt.  The Seat Snug is easy to install (you can watch the video on the website and it comes with detailed instructions) and is made from very sturdy materials...this is not something that will fall off or break from simple daily wear.  There is plenty of customer service available, online and by phone.  The company will even send you a free replacement Seat Snug if you are in an accident or other impact with the vehicle it is installed in.

So far, ds4 and I are both quite happy with this product!  I found it easy to install and sturdy.  I have more peace of mind as to ds4's safety and comfort in the car.  Ds4 doesn't even know it's there!  And my dh, who was out of town when I installed the Seat Snug, could use it without's that easy. :)


100_6883 Here are the instructions.  Very detailed and easy to follow.  Took me maybe 10 minutes (will probably take you only 5 lol.)  I highly recommend this product and am glad that someone out there is listening to moms and our needs. :)


  1. Great review!! I am glad you found the product so easy to install. Sometimes with great safety equipment I am nervous that I did not install it properly. SeatSnug gives the comfort of being safe with easy use.

  2. This sounds great! I have a 4 yr old too, this would be perfect! Thanks for your kind words on my blog, they mean so much to me! I always enjoy your blog too! Its one of the first ones I read on my feeder-I wish I had more time to leave comments for everyone!


  3. hello,
    I have lost my manual of the seat snug.
    can you give it on this website?


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