Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Holiday Visitor...

But to this one I say, "The inn is full, dude!"

100_7354 Can you believe that?  Right at my front door!!  We were leaving last night to pick up some Subway for dinner and my two younger boys actually walked right over it!!  My dh noticed it ("Is that a SNAKE?") and we all officially freaked out.  Now we have seen snakes around before, mainly in our backyard or in the driveway, but right at my front door?  UHG.  Well, he met his demise and we looked it up and found out he is/was a Southern Black Racer, thankfully non-poisonous and common to our area.  But still, good riddance.  :P


  1. That snake wouldn't have survived long enough around our house to get the picture! lol

  2. Oh my! What a surprise.. Ugh.. I don't like snacks. Glad it wasn't poisonous...

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  4. Yikes! I would've freaked as well. Shoot first and ask questions later. LOL I love all creatures but that's one that a little hard to love. I'm chuckling at someone's typo in their comment.

    "I don't like snacks." :)


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