Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful holiday, full of fun and family. :)  It didn't feel at all like Christmas, very hot and humid.  Ds4 even asked one day if it was summer again lol.  Hard to explain winter in Florida to a 4yo.

Christmas Eve is traditionally spent with dh's family.  His father is the ranger at the Boy Scout Camp and we gather in the dining hall for our little party.  Even my parents come along for the fun.  It's a large family, so we draw names for the kiddo's gifts, and the adults play "dirty santa."  Poor ds1 had to work and could not attend this year, but most everyone else was there.

100_7396 This year ds3 got to partake in the pre-party festivities, and spent the night in the hall with one of dh's siblings, her dh and 3 boys.  They found and decorated the tree and helped set up the tables and chairs.

100_7446 Even though it was almost 80 degrees, we still had a fire in the fireplace.  Tradition, 'ya know.

 100_7411 Here are some of the kiddos taking in the view at the lake.

100_7417 Once they hear the bell announcing gift time, they are off and running lol!

100_7424 Ds2 and ds3 opening their gifts.

After opening our gifts at home, we spend Christmas day with my family at my parents' home.  This year I spent more time just enjoying the festivities and less time taking pics so not much to share here.  But I took a few pics of ds4 today, enjoying some of his presents.

100_7499 100_7500 Playing Chutes and Ladders, and trying on all his pirate gear. :)  If you look closely in the background, you'll see the "leg lamp" ds1 gave dh (you know, from A Christmas Story movie!)

All my hard work baking and freezing cookies paid off...

100_7394 and resulted in this lovely tray of goodies.  There was even more that I couldn't fit lol!  So all in all it was a great holiday for us.  I am soooo ready for the new year. :P

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  1. I wish it would have been 80 here for Christmas. Still it was in the sixties and didn't rain, so that was great.
    To bad ds1 had to work. I know he hated missing out on the fun.
    The cookies look delicious. If you have lots left over, feel free to send some my way. : )


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