Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cats on Tuesday: Kitty Gifts


Here the kitties present themselves for the family's gifting pleasure. :)

100_7270 Mimi...if you look closely you can see her eye through the slit in the box.

100_7280 Check out that pose!  She loves the camera (and boxes!) lol.

100_6850 Great things come in small packages...well at least Winston tries to fit in the package. :P

100_7333 A basket of Mimi...I'll take that any day. :)

100_7357 This one is mine!

Funny story, sorry I don't have pics to go with it, but today I went into our garage to find a box and saw a large garbage bag that we filled with empty Christmas boxes and such spilled over on the floor.  I righted it and set it aside.  And then I heard a familiar "rrreow."  It was Mimi!  (She has a very distinctive meow.)  I knew the sound was coming from the bag, but it's black and she's black and I just couldn't find her in all the stuff!  Finally she poked her head out and I grabbed her.  To think I could have thrown her out!!  I gave her a good talking to about rummaging through the garbage (when I am at my desk she actually sits on top of my garbage can that I have nearby!) but I can see this is going to be a continuing problem. :P  Note to self (and to all you out there) check the garbage for cats before throwing it out!!  Happy Tuesday cat lovers. :)


  1. Cute kittie pictures. Our cats love boxes and old paper garbage too.
    We hope you don´t throw away your cats one day with the garbage ;o)

    Happy last Tuesday in 2008 !

  2. Hahaha, that reminds me of two cat ladies ! one said to the other : What ??? you are pregnant again ? who is the father ? and the other replied : I don't know I had my head in the garbage !

    It's so funny that all cats over the world love to sit and nap in boxes !

  3. Cats know that it's the box - and not what comes inside of it - that's the real present.

  4. Boxes are always fun for cats - even more than the contents

  5. So cute! Here Kitty! Kitty!


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