Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Book Review: The Pilot's Wife


Okay, I finished my first book of 2009 (yeah, I know it's not technically 2009 yet, but it is somewhere in the world.)  I picked up this book almost a year ago at a library book sale and just haven't had the urge to read it.  The Pilot's Wife is an "Oprah Book Club" pick and that turned me off right there...sorry, but I'm no fan of Oprah.  Plus, it's one of those books that goes know what happened, the pilot crashed and died, now you just unravel the little mystery behind it.  I'm not really a fan of those books, either.  But nonetheless I read this in about 3 days.  It was a tad predictable but a good read.  I think what drew me in most was the characters...they are nicely fleshed out and believable.  I would say this is a good summer read, a vacation read maybe.  It is very well written, and I am tempted to seek out some other books by Anita Shreve.  There is a made for t.v. movie based on the book, but I doubt I'll ever see it.   One book down, 49 to go!!


  1. I also picked up a used copy of this book - a couple years ago, now - and, like you, I was a little put off by the Oprah seal (although, of course, she's also done books by Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou, so they aren't all bad).

    I agree that the book is a little light, a little predictable, but an enjoyable read with well-fleshed out characters. I went on to slowly gather many of Shreve's other books. Fortune's Rocks and Sea Glass are set in the same large beach house that used to be a nunnery, which I found familiar and fun. My husband just gave me the newer Body Surfing which is also set in the same house - that will be one of my first reads of 2009.

  2. LOL. Right there with you on the 'not a fan of Oprah'.. LOL.

    Glad you at least liked the book a little.. :-)

    Happy New Year!


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