Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cats On Tuesday: Best Buddies

onthelooue0zz8 Yea!  My second Cats On Tuesday post.  Last week I introduced my 4 beauties and described the cat hierarchy that exists among them.  This week I'm going to highlight our two most recent additions, who also happen to be the best of buddies!

000_0376 Winston and Mimi.  Too cute!  Mimi loves everyone, but Winnie is the only one who will let her cuddle and lick to her hearts content.  She will just go to town licking away on his face and he'll just sleep through it.

100_5292 Most of the time this is a peaceful relationship.

100_5299 Sometimes Winnie has enough of the licking and puts Mimi in a headlock.  And then falls back asleep.  Mimi, ever the peacemaker, just goes with the flow.

Can't wait to check out everyone's post this week!  Kitties rule! :P


  1. That first photo is very sweet and also has a bit of a symmetric quality.

  2. What beautiful cats you have!!
    Thank you for the nice comment regarding my interview with Homeschool 101. My blog is Living Water Christian Academy and I would love for you to stop by!

  3. That's really too cute and the fact that they are black and white makes it even more !!

  4. That is cuuuuuute! The black and white are so beautiful!


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