Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday


I found this cute meme while browsing my reader and had to join in.  I have tiny folks, they talk, and it's Tuesday!  See how it's perfect for me? :P

We have been dealing with the croup for, oh it feels like forever, about two weeks now.  On a recent trip to the dr my ds3 was patiently waiting on the exam table.  He noticed a wall display of pamphlets and asked me to read one.  They are geared toward kids...I popped one open to this "fun fact" and read it to him: "Hey, did you know your body makes a quart of snot a day?  That's equal to 4 cups of milk."  To which ds replied, "I think I need to cut back on the milk."  LOL!!

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  1. Oh my, too funny!

    Hope everyone is healthy soon. Croup is no fun.


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