Friday, December 12, 2008

Destination Disney: A Disney Christmas

Well, according to Heidi this is the next to last Destination Disney post!  This week we are to share our experiences with Disney World at Christmas.  Well, as many times as we have been to Disney (it's more than 20 folks lol) we have only been once during the holidays.  That was back in 1996, my oldest was 6 and my ds2 was 1.  We stayed at the All Star Sports and attended Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at the Contemporary Hotel.  What a blast that was!  The room they held it in was super decked out, they put on a spectacular show complete with Santa and of course Mickey and they fed us well.  Oddly enough, this was during the "birthday" celebration period for the park and the castle was decorated as a birthday cake lol!  But I do have a few pics of our trip.

scan0002 This was the tree at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.  All I remember was that the ornaments on this puppy were bigger than my kids! :P

scan0001 This was taken at the entrance to Epcot.  If you look VERY CLOSELY on the right you can see my dh pushing the stroller and my oldest ds walking next to him.

When I looked through the rest of my photos of this trip they are of us in the pool or on rides lol.  Not very Christmasey.  I know that now a days they really do all the parks up in style and especially the resort hotels.  Food Network and The Travel Channel often have specials taking an inside peek at Disney during the holidays.  It can be a great time to go, really gets you in the holiday spirit.  All I remember is rushing around before the trip preparing for the holidays and then rushing around after the trip to participate in said holidays lol.  I do believe that is why we have never gone back this time of year. :P

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  1. Julie~ I didn't mean it's the second to last Disney post EVER, just for 2008. If you go to my blog and click in the sidebar where it says to click for more information about DD, you can see the line-up for topics for 2009.
    Hope you'll be planning to take part. We need to figure out a way to get more people involved in this.


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