Friday, December 19, 2008


100_7275 I'm a little wary of calling it a success so early, but so far ds3 is LOVING Time4Learning!  He is doing so well, even working lessons on his own without me asking him to.  He especially likes the Language Arts, which he never would do for me in any other form (worksheets, etc.)  I hope and pray this is the solution for him, and that we have finally found a curriculum that suits his learning style. 


100_7290 These are from the story creator part of the program, his absolute favorite!  His reading fluency has improved in just the short time he has been at this, it's just amazing. :)  Go ds3 go!!

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  1. I hope that is the answer also. Sounds like it is working great! I wish it were warm enough for snails on our driveway. lol


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