Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Boys Will Be Boys


100_7648 Winston found my new cat food storage place and dove right in!  This cat will have a full bowl of fresh cat food on the floor, and still eat through the bag of cat food to get some.  Why?  Who knows!  So I started keeping the food in a container...but he's on to me lol.

100_7647 Apparently Mimi was the lookout in this operation.  Notice how the smart cat actually used the step stool to reach into the bucket of food!

100_7690 No pictures, please!  This is Smokey, our other male, just hanging out and being himself.  Oh, the boys always seem to be more trouble. :)

Head over to My Cats and Funny Stories for more kitty fun.  Happy Tuesday Cat Lovers!!


  1. To make eating difficult must be a hunting instinct ! I will never understand why Rosie puts her mice toys around the food bowls or in them !
    The last picture is hilarious ! he really looks like a human (man) ! Only the beer can is missing ! hahaha !
    Happy to read that you continue with COT !

  2. I think it's more fun to have food that you've found, then food that you've been given. They do this with the water too. I'll give them fresh water in a bowl and they'll go see if there's any that's been standing around for a while in the sink.

  3. That is a very good idea to take the step stool for reaching the food. You are very clever cats!!!

  4. Lol at Smokey. Enjoyment officer, must say

    My Socfield is always hungry, always diving with me to the kitchen. This "bowl assignment" is telling me something


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