Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Product Review:

Yes, actually, I am still a homeschooling mom lol!  Seems like all I've posted about lately has been books, product reviews and cats. :)  Well, bear with me for another product review, because this one is something that will really help you out.

drugs-logo-home Yeah, I was wary of the title too lol.  But turned out to be a super site for me, as a mom in charge of my family's health, and as a woman with health issues. has, of course, a very thorough listing of drugs, their uses, their benefits and side effects, etc.  The site has a handy pill identifier and offers updates on pharmaceutical issues.  It even offers insight into veterinarian medications!  I've always wondered about just what the vet has given me for my kitties.

Untitled Another great feature at is MedNotes, a free service that allows you to track your medications, allergies and conditions all in one place.  You can print up a pocket sized report to bring with you to Dr appointments or the pharmacy.  It's simple to use; after creating a profile you simply enter in any drugs you use (and you don't even have to worry about prompts you like a search engine.)  You record the dose and how often you take the drug and for what condition.  When you are done MedNotes shows any FDA warnings about your meds, any possible interactions your drugs may have with each other, and allows you to compare your drug to similar drugs or other ones used for your condition. 

Untitled2 I actually learned that two of my drugs do have possible interaction concerns, one making the other not work as well.  You can set up your account to show warnings for pregnancy or lactation, add reminders for your drugs, or get notifications about new warnings or other news about any meds you have entered.  I soooo wish this had been around during my pregnancies!  I was on the internet all the time trying to find out if my meds or any over the counter meds might cause trouble while I was pregnant.

So far, I have only created my own profile, but I am adding in my children as well.  My two youngest boys both have drug allergies and honestly, sometimes I can't keep up with it all.  I am going to print up reports for all of them and carry them with me in my purse.  What a relief that will be when I can whip those out and tell the pediatrician exactly what they are allergic to and exactly which antibiotic worked last time.  (You may ask yourself why I would have to do that, but ever since the Dr office went to paperless files they don't have my kiddo's charts to reference when they come in the room.  I know, I hate it too.)  I mean, when your child is sick and you are sleep deprived and anxious, it's hard to remember all the important info you should.  At least that's the case with me. :)  With and Cozi I'm well on my way to an organized new year.


  1. That's sounds like a great site. I am going to enter mine and the kids meds and see what is happening with them.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. Julie,

    Thanks so much for the well-wishes you left on your blog. It truly lifted my spirits to read the kind comments left by my blogging friends!

    Thanks you!

  3. I meant the well-wishes you left on my blog. :)

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