Sunday, January 11, 2009

End Of An Era

My fil has been ranger at the local Boy Scout Camp for over 20 years.  For all those years our families have had the wonderful opportunity to experience all the treasures available at the camp; the mysterious trails, the lakes with all the swimming, fishing and boating, the beauty of the nature all around.  It's really been the gathering place for dh's family, where we all get together, especially on holidays.  And now my fil has retired from the camp.  We made one last trip out there last month to retrieve something (that will be in another post) and said our fond farewell to this special part of our lives.

100_7565 Ds3 and ds4 climbing on some canoes.

100_7571 It was a cloudy day, kind of set the mood for the farewell.

100_7576 The boys and I started the walk down to the main lake.

100_7581 Along the way is a really cool trail...

100_7580 100_7579

100_7583 Here is the lake as you approach.  The large white thing on the opposite shore is the lifeguard tower.  We've spent many a summer day swimming at that shore.

100_7594 Ds4 racing down the slope to the edge.

100_7600 Mission accomplished!  Now for the hard part.

100_7590 Getting back...

100_7596 up...100_7591 the hill!

100_7611 Ds snapped a pic of dh and I, watching all the fun.  Maybe I will be able to find some old pics of our years at the camp and do a little series.  If I ever make up with my scanner, that is.  We've had a bit of a falling out over the holidays. :P  I'm just not ready to forgive and forget yet.  Sigh.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  We just wish we were at the camp. :)

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  1. I know how sad that must be for your family! I love that picture of ds3! Lol
    BTW, the site has really came in handy with my family for the past few days. Thanks!


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