Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Laundry Day



My washing machine died this week.  It had a near-death experience about a year ago, but dh revived it.  Then about a month ago I discovered my laundry room floor flooded...the poor washer was on it's way out, but it served us as well as it could until we could come up with the funds for a new one.  Farewell washer, you were good to me. :P  Now, I had been without a washer for a week...in a house full of 6 people, this is not good.

100_7725 This is just part of the pile awaiting our new washer.  But wait, there is something amiss...

100_7723 What's that curled up in the laundry pile?  My precious Winnie of course.  But I have one question;

100_7724 Do I wash him with the whites or darks?

Head over to Gattina's for more kitty fun.  Happy Tuesday cat lovers!


  1. Bad for you but nice for Winnie ! cats love laundry, if it's washed and ironed then even more ! The last picture is really priceless ! what huge eyes and such a funny face, lol !

  2. Oh, no I know that too. It is bad if the machine died.
    Our cats love laundry too. The best is fresh ironed laundry and fresh towels in the bathroom.
    They can look so innocent when they do that!

  3. Poor you! I hope the washing machine is replaced now!
    Winnie looks very comfortable. : )


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