Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday


Ds4, my 4yo, was running through the house in his new crocheted slippers from Gran.  Fearing he would slip in the kitchen I yelled out "Be careful!"  To which the little bugger replied, "I'm carefulling Mom!"

It's rare to be alone with just one of my boys, but when it happens it's always a treat.  I had the chance to spend an entire hour alone in the car with ds3, my 8yo, not too long ago.  We spent some of the time finding shapes in the clouds.  Ds thought one of the clouds looked like Baby Jesus.  Then another he said looked like a woman.  "Man, she is a GIANT!" he muttered to himself. :)

Head on over to Mary's at Not Before 7 for more cuteness.


  1. hehe love the be carefully story! To cute!

  2. I love looking for shapes in the clouds. I am trying to start that with my 3 year old but she isn't so good at it yet lol.

  3. Thanks for sharing....I love the cloud comment! Those boys never really appreciate those "be careful" comments, do they??

  4. My kids are always telling me not to worry, they are being careful. I tell them it is my job as Mom to worry.

    I love finding shapes in the clouds with my kids. What fun.

  5. That is so cute - I am "carefulling".

    Happy TTT...a bit late :) we have had rampant illness in this house!


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