Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Remnants Of An Era

I mentioned that our final trip to the Boy Scout Camp that my fil recently retired from had two purposes; to say a final farewell to a treasured gathering place, and to retrieve something.  Well, this is the something...

9f2e8a37643841b6 A player piano.  Oh, but not quite that player piano.  Uh-uh.

100_7554 This player piano. :P

Dh's family had this in their home as he was growing up and moved it out to the camp when his father took on the ranger job, over 20 years ago.  Unfortunately, the piano was stored in, uh, not the most ideal conditions over the years.  But dh is up for the project and really wanted to bring it home and try restoring it.

100_7561 Bringing it home was quite the effort in itself!  Dh rented a van with a lift in the back.  Even with that help, it took a lot of effort to get the piano in the van.

100_7555 Plenty of room!

100_7568 Heave ho!

And now it sits in my garage.  I'll be posting every once in a while as dh progresses on his project.  First up, cleaning out the debris left behind by the, uh, cute little fairies that took up residence in the piano.  Yeah, cute little fairies. :P

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