Friday, January 16, 2009

Crash and Burn

Or possibly just crash. My computer, that is. My brand new Dell, not even a year old yet, locked up while ds3 was doing lessons in T4L and then refused to turn back on! WAH! Dh ran the self check garbage and got codes and we contacted Dell who said since we bought it at Best Buy we have to have the Geek Squad look at it. I drove in to town today and dropped it off...guy said it could be the operating system (what I think it is) or the hard drive. Either way, I miss my baby!! I'm on the old computer and feel so LOST. Speaking of lost, oh all the ebooks for school, so many of my photos, the kids' homeschool software...gone, all gone. So my posting will be sporadic for a while, it's for the best, no one wants to watch my pity party anyway. WAH!

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