Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've been making plenty of those these past few days. Ugh. Now that my (not even a year old)laptop is with the Geek Squad at Best Buy being tested for all kinds of hideous computer type ailments, I am making do with the old computer. With it's HUGE monitor that takes up 1/3 of my desk space (not even kidding), the mouse that won't right click, none of my saved photos, bookmarks or even Windows Live Writer to blog with...ugh. But, I'm getting used to it all, little by little. I sat down to make up ds2's lessons for the week and of course realized...I don't have the homeschool planning software to do so. Or a printer hooked up to this computer. I said oh well, let's just prepare some of ds4's lessons on our African safari...oh, the ebook I bought for that is on the laptop. Ugh. I think I should have titled this post Ugh and just been done with it. WHY IS THE HOME KEY RIGHT NEXT TO THE BACKSPACE KEY ON THIS KEYBOARD!!! Anywho, maybe I have that off my chest now, back to happily accepting my circumstances and making do. Change can be good. My new motto. :)


  1. Aww. I know how frustrating computer issues can be. Hope all this gets cleared up for you soon!

  2. Hope all the computer issues are soon cleared up. It sounds as if you have had an eventful week!


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