Monday, January 19, 2009

It’s back…

My laptop, that is.  Turns out the hard drive was bad.  The Geek Squad was pretty quick about finding that out, and then fixing it, but dh decided to replace the OS himself.  I have spent a lot of time today putting things back on the computer…my homeschool software, Windows Live Writer, some of my shortcuts and favorites, some of the downloads I got from Currclick (now I understand why they give you, like 5 downloads of the same product!  THANK YOU CURRCLICK!) Adobe Reader, etc. etc. etc.  Still doesn’t feel quite like my “old” computer yet.  They gave us the bad hard drive and dh says they have something at his work that may be able to retrieve some of the data off of it, so there’s always hope.

Now, when we picked up the computer, I asked the Geek why…why why why did this happen?  The computer is less than a year old!  Did I do something wrong?  Should I keep the kids off of it?  Do I need to be more careful somehow?  All he said was, “Oh, the hard drive goes bad the most often.  Sometimes we pull them out of the box new, and they are bad.”  Uh,  Geek dude, not a big help.  When I get a little extra money I’m going to get something to back everything up on, but honestly, you spend HUNDREDS of dollars on a piece of equipment that can decide to just go bad at any moment?  Come on! :P 

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  1. So glad you are back up and running!
    My hard drive died a couple months back. Very depressing. I would HIGHLY recommend getting an external hard drive. I did and I feel a lot less stressed about it all now.

    Have fun!


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