Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 Days Without Daddy: Day 2

Today we headed into “town” and took advantage of “free” day at some local museums.  The art museum wouldn’t let us take any pics, but they had a neat display of the local school children’s art…very impressive stuff (imo, most of it was better than the museum’s “private collection.”

Then we hit the local history museum.  There was an entire floor dedicated to a children’s discovery area, complete with forts, a boat and a port, etc.  My boys were in heaven. :)


100_8429 100_8439

100_8447 Here ds4 is “swabbing the deck”…sure wish I could get him to do that at home lol!

100_8426 They even had clothes and accessories for the boys to wear inside the little bunkers.

Other than the discovery floor, this is what interested my boys the most…turn away if you have a weak stomach or love cats…

100_8411 A mummified cat.  Ugh.  They found the poor thing and figured out that it was over 100 years old.  Other than the local history, this museum also houses the (obviously) very strange collection of a local man.

100_8403 They have unearthed many artifacts from sunken ships in our area.  Here ds4 begrudgingly poses by an anchor.

After the museums we walked to the shore and had a little picnic.

100_8470 My boys cannot resist water!

100_8471 Or trees.

I couldn’t resist taking a pic of this sign…

100_8475 Hee hee!  After all this adventure we came home and I collapsed.  How come I’m the only one getting worn out???  We miss you daddy!

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