Monday, February 9, 2009

4 Days Without Daddy: Day 1

Ugh.  We dropped dh off at the airport yesterday.  He’s off to a training school until Friday.  The time sure seems to go slow when he is gone. :(  So, we are attempting to keep ourselves busy.  We got up and did school as usual, had lunch, and then headed out to my alma mater and walked the nature trail.

100_8372 I almost lost them at the beginning of the trail lol!!  They read that sign and wanted to turn tail and run.  It says “CAUTION:  You may encounter poisonous snakes and alligators in this area.”

100_8376 It’s a half-mile boardwalk, with lots of benches for resting periods…the kids stopped at every one of them. :)

100_8382 Isn’t this pretty?  The two trees that have fallen over and form a sort of canopy?  There were tons of trees down and some of the boardwalk itself was still damaged (from hurricane Ivan 2004) but it kind of made it more interesting.

100_8388 Check it out!  Turtles sunning themselves.

100_8392 100_8393 When we came to the end the kids did a little sketching in their nature journals.

Ds3 has been wishing and wishing to go to our neighborhood Chili’s restaurant.  Well, I promised him we would when dh was out of town, so I made good on the promise after our walk.

100_8394 Kid’s not happy at all, is he?

100_8399 He had the adult sized meal!  Ate all but that corn.

100_8397 Ds4 was happy with the variety of sugar packets. :)

Okay, I think that’s been enough to keep us busy today.  We got a free redbox rental and picked out Madagascar 2 and that should keep us happy for the rest of the night.  I’m thinking of taking the boys to a free museum day tomorrow, but we’ll see how things go.  We miss our daddy!!

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  1. My son can easily amuse himself with sugar packets too. lol
    I know you would have lost me at the sign that said poisonous snakes and alligators!


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