Friday, February 6, 2009

Well, Bowl Me Over!

We were all having a “can’t stand being cooped up any longer we are bored out of our minds” day last week, and on the spur of the moment we decided to go bowling!   Now, my older boys have been, either to bday parties or with their gracious aunt and uncle, but we’ve never been bowling as a whole family.  However, recently ds4 has proven he is truly becoming a “big boy” and we decided to give it a go.

100_8195 Check out that face!  What a cutie.  And he handled the big bowling ball like a pro…well, like a 4yo pro. :)

100_8193 The concentration, the effort!

100_8199 What technique!

100_8220 What follow-through!

100_8201 At first ds3 followed his lead.

100_8211 But then he tried it with his fingers and found he could do it!  In fact, he got the highest score and beat us all. :)  We went on a Friday afternoon, right before public school released for the day…the alley was empty!

100_8213 Ds2 and I didn’t do as well…hey, we had no “bumpers” after all. :P  The boys want to go again soon…maybe every once in a while, with so many people it is a little costly for an hour’s fun. :)


  1. How fun!! We used to go bowling a lot. We always had a great time!
    Now we Wii Bowl - which is fun but it's still not like going to the bowling alley!

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by HSBA on my first post!

    4 boys from 4 to college? I think I'll need to stop by here for pointers. :)


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