Thursday, February 5, 2009

Swinging No More



Why the sad face, ds?


Oh, that is sad. :(

Dh and ds2 disassembled our rusty old swing set last weekend.  The boys actually still played with it, even though the slide was broken and wasps repeatedly took up residence under the tandem swing.  But dh had the opportunity to dispose of it, so he took it.  Not to worry…


My boys will find some joy in the situation. :)

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  1. Your ds's do look sad, but I would be very glad to get rid of the wasps!
    Our weather has been very strange here to, sixties one day, teens the next. I am ready for spring!
    Mimi is so cute. She looks just like my cat Sassie. Of course I am not sure if Sassie knows she is a cat. : )


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