Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cats on Tuesday: All Packed Up


We spent the last week in Jacksonville with dh on a business trip.  The cats helped pack.

100_8756 What’s that?  See the little ears peeking out on the left?

100_8757 Aw, Mimi.  I sure wish I could have brought her.  I actually had a dream while we were there that she followed us to Jacksonville!  Do you think I miss my kitties when we are away lol?   My little diva, she has gotten used to me taking so many pics of her, she closes her eyes every time I pull out the camera lol.

100_8759 100_8758She is not giving up!  Here she “helps” me pack the big suitcase.  Guess she is leaving a little reminder on my jeans lol.  For more cat fun head over to Gattina’s.  Happy Tuesday Cat Lovers!


  1. She is cute! Be sure that you don´t forget the cat!!!
    Luna also always close her eyes when I come with the camera or she turns her head away...

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Ahh...you were up near our neck o' the woods! SHe sure is a pretty girl, and I always miss my Sushi when we're away too, so I know just how ya felt!

    Thanks for sharin' the pics, and have a grand week ahead!

  3. Cat's are terrible with suitcases ! as soon as I have mine out and start to pack there is always one sitting in, lol !

  4. I wish I could bring Luna on my upcoming business trip. Leaving her behind is one of the worst parts of traveling.

  5. Hi Julie

    Haha..that's cute pictures of cat packing, or is it 'unpacking'! So where did Mimi stay when you were gone? The vet or catsitter?

  6. Happy Cats on Tuesday. I'm loving the suitcase pictures. I hope she didn't miss you to much.
    I have a question? I'm not sure how Cat's on Tuesday works. It seems there is no Mr. Linky? I always participate in other Mr. Linky's but this one seems diff.
    Thanks for your help

  7. Mimi looks so sad to see you go. Au and Target hate it too when I bring out a suitcase because they know it means one or even both servants are offski. Even though a neighbour pops in three times a day as part time slave, the cats still hate us traveling. Have a great trip!


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