Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Half Day At Epcot: Full of Fun!

Okay, just how did we get our fill of Disney World with only one and a half days to do it?  Park hopping!!  We are seasonal passholders, and our tickets allow us to go to any number of parks on any given day, but Disney also has a park hopper option you can add to base tickets.  We love this, as we can not only hit more than one park a day, but leave a park if we find it to be too crowded.

We usually go to the Magic Kingdom the first day of our trips, but we were waiting at the hotel for a bus and noticed that busses to other parks were coming and going, and no Magic Kingdom bus was to be found.  That means they were super crowded!  So we hopped on an Epcot bus and our adventure began.

100_8906 Isn’t that a great shot of Spaceship Earth?  A.K.A. “the golf ball” lol.  That shot looks like a postcard…I think I may make it into my screensaver.  Spaceship Earth was the first ride we hit, and we had to wait about 30 minutes…quite unusual, as it’s a continuously moving ride and normally you can just walk on.

After that we headed for Test Track and found that, at only 10:30 in the morning, they were already out of Fast Passes and the standby wait was 2 hours!!!  Forget it!  We chose instead to ride Journey Into Imagination.  Afterwards the kiddos played in the area at the end of the ride.

100_8858 Ds4, stepping on the lighted pics on the floor to hear the corresponding sound.

100_8860 The boys posing for a pic. 

100_8861 Here ds3 is adding special effects to the pic they just posed for.  You can email the resulting masterpiece to family and friends. :)

100_8862 We had ds2 snap this pic of dh and I.  Yeah, we had on coats, it was a windy, cold day!  But sunny and pretty, huh?

100_8863 We headed to The Land for lunch.  They have a nice variety in their food court and the atmosphere is delightful.

100_8864 Ds3 had the “see food" lol.  Actually Disney has gotten very good about offering healthy choices for meals.  There is always some fresh fruit available as well as grilled chicken and soups and salads.

100_8865 Our favorite part of The Land is the Living With The Land ride.  You get a peek into the experimental gardens, always filled with abundantly growing plants.

100_8875 Check out the 10 pound lemons!

100_8885 Our next stop was The Living Seas, another favorite.  You get to ride clam shells to the awesome aquarium.

100_8894 Check out the ray!

100_8899 Outside of The Living Seas we stopped and had ourselves a Mickey Ice Cream.  Yep, 50 degrees and we were eating frozen treats.  Hey, it’s like a law that you have to eat Mickey Ice Cream while at Disney World!

With both Fast Track and Soarin’ out of Fast Passes we decided to leave Epcot and head back to check out our hotel.  But we still got a lot done and had a great morning. :)  Next post:  Magic Kingdom…at night!


  1. I am jealous that you have season passes! Looks like a fun day!

  2. What fun! I am really wanting one of those ten pound lemons.


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