Monday, February 2, 2009

A Day At The Park

We have been having some strange weather here, in the teens one week and in the 80’s the next!  During one of the warmer weeks we just couldn’t stay in and headed out to the local park.


Lunch alfresco! Pb&j never tasted so good. :)

100_8115 Tire swings are the best!

100_8122 Ds2 prefers the bigger swings…and gives me a heart attack doing this…

100_8123 Yeah, you know we all did this on the school playground lol.  Thankfully no broken bones. :)

100_8129 One of ds3’s attempts.  Pretty soon they had every boy at the park trying to one up each other…and see whose picture turned out the funniest.100_8104 Ds4 is 4yo now and really coming into his own.  He is able to spend more time away from me and even from his brothers and explore the world on his own.  He even went into the “dark slide” without older brother assistance. :)

100_8111 Triumphantly emerging from the “dark slide.”  :)  Ds4 is my last little man, and his growing independence is enabling us to have more adventures as a family, instead of breaking up into “big kids” and “little kids.”  In fact, this week we went bowling!  I’ll be posting cute pics of that soon. 

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  1. Yes. The weather has been quiet strange lately. We are REALLY enjoying the rain though today :-)

    Great pictures!


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