Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Up On A Roof


My Mimi is the sweetest of the bunch, but also the most adventurous.  She is my tree climber, the one who finds the most obscure hiding places, the one who scares the heck out of me doing this…

100_8150 getting up on our roof!!  I was calling her in a few weeks ago and heard her meow, but couldn’t find her.  Turned around to go back inside and saw her little precious self above me.

100_8146 I know she got up there and she can get down just fine.  I just have a bad history with kitties falling.  My very first cat as a “grown up” I adopted from a farm when dh and I lived in England.  Her name was Sophie and she was a doll.  When we moved back to the states Sophie climbed a tree (something we didn’t have in our yard in England) and for whatever reason decided the best way down was to jump. :(  She broke, well shattered, her front leg so bad she had to have a pin put in.  She could walk, but couldn’t bend her poor little leg.  She would jump on the counter and get on her back legs to swing her stiff leg over my shoulder and “hug” me…too cute.  She died about a year later from a problem with her stomach/intestines that turned out to actually be related to the fall.  So I don’t like it when my kitties climb!

100_8148 Ds volunteered his services, but of course Mimi looked at him like he was nuts…why would I want to get down, she says, it’s so much fun up her with mommy yelling at me!

100_8051 Mimi, I much prefer you here. :)

For more cute kitties head over to Gattina’s.  Happy Tuesday Cat Lovers!


  1. It's amazing how cats always search the highest place to hide ...
    Give her a big hug !

  2. WOW Mimi sure has 9 lives. I think she should stay close to the ground also. She is a beautiful kitty.
    Love your Tiny Talk with the kids. I have 3, but young adults now. If I had a magic wand I would have it all back in a flash.
    Happy COT Day

  3. Mimi reminds me so much to my former cat Frieda!
    Love the pictures.
    Poor Sophie!

  4. Awe kitty! Cats can get themselves in some crazy situations, lol.

  5. I can understand that from the roof you have a very nice view over the whole garden !
    Arthur once climbed high up in our wheeping willow tree and meeauwed terribly because he couldn't get down. (that's what we thought) Mr. Gattino took a ladder and climbed up but as soon as he was up, Arthur climbed down without any difficulties, sat besides my legs and starred up to Mr. Gattino still sitting in the tree ! Cats !!


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