Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday


We don’t drink sodas much at our house, I like to save them for special occasions like a bday party or such (a visit to Gran’s house, etc.) but recently we had some soda in the house and ds4 asked if he could have some.  I made a little fuss about the sugar and caffeine, etc. but gave in.  Ds3 handed ds4 the soda and with all seriousness told him to be careful and “be sure you don’t drink the caffeine.” :)

Ds4 came running into the room holding on to his earlobes and screaming.  I asked what he was doing and he replied, “Just testing out my ear drops!”

Ds4 and I were cuddling in ds3’s bed with him this morning, just talking and hanging out.  Ds4 turned to ds3 and said “Ds3, your smell is bugging my nose!”  I think he meant ds had morning breath. LOL

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  1. Would love to know how he separates out the caffeine! I love that bothering nose quote...


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