Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finding Out About Myself

through Google?  I was playing around with Google Reader today and hit the “trends” button.  This is what I found…


way too much about my blog reading habits lol!  But it was kinda interesting in a nerdy data collecting way.  Man, I have read a lot of items in just 30 days!  And, although you can’t see it on this chart, I apparently only read one blog 100% of the time…Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.  According to that lovely graph I also read the most between the 17th and 20th of Feb.  Hmm.  And please don’t assume that I don’t play well with others just because I didn’t email or share any items…I’m just shy that way. ;)  

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  1. wow...it'most creepy how much they know, isn't it? i'll have to check that out! *shudder*

    i love your cat quote generator

    thanks for visiting me!


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