Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Mimi, A Study of Contrasts


My sweet Mimi, like most cats, has a split personality.

100_8245 What a beautiful, lady-like model!

100_8235 Two minutes later, exposing herself in the dirt.  Not so lady-like there, Mimi.

100_9047 Here she is, all sweet and cuddly in my lap. :)

100_9044 A few minutes later, she’s passed out lol.

For more Cats On Tuesday fun, head over to Gattina’s blog…can’t wait to see what Rosie and Arthur are up to this week! :)


  1. Hi Julie!

    Lol..! I love the poses, especially the last one..haha! Mimi fur is so beautiful and uniquely patterned!

  2. Typical cat ! never boring, lol !

  3. Me and Mimi are alike.
    Split personality is a must for a cat..

  4. She is too cute with the opposite poses. She looks like she has the kind of fur you just have to sink your fingers in.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  5. What a sweet girl she is! Love those little white socks. And that "splashed out flat" pose is just adorable.

  6. Ha! That looks just like my cat, Sassie! She could be her twin. Except Sassie likes to bite instea of sitting in anyone's lap.


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