Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me..

5 days early lol.  Since I dropped my camera on Mainstreet at Disney World on our last trip, dh bought me a new camera for my upcoming bday.  It was supposed to be a surprise, but he saw me researching cameras on the internet one day and I was looking at the exact one he was going to get me!  Turns out we couldn’t find one in stock anywhere so we did a little more research and settled on this baby.

pk-000000000044687-31334052d36e49f9b59188b78d434061-30-1-large pk-000000000044687-31334052d36e49f9b59188b78d434061-30-2-large A Canon Powershot SD 790 Elph.  And don’t ask, because I don’t know what any of that means lol.  All I know is I was frustrated too often with my old Kodak and wanted to try a different make of camera this time and we found a lot of great reviews for this one.

Well, we just picked it up today and I’ve been trying it out.  It may be just a bit too advanced for this old bird. :P  I’m slowly figuring it out, though.  You know, right now I am just in the “this is what is different than my old camera” mode.  My Kodak just plugged right into a charger, no need to take out the battery.  This one you have to take out the battery.  My Kodak is a bit more “user friendly” (or maybe I should say blonde friendly lol) but I’m sure after a while I’ll figure it all out.   At least I have 36 days until our Disney trip to do so!  Hey, anyone out there have experience with Canons?  I’m up for tips and tutorials! 


  1. Happy Birthday, pal!

    May all the bless be with u!


  2. I had my last camera for over three years and never did figure out all the little fun things. :) So don't feel too badly. If I can push a button and wind up with a fairly decent picture I'm happy.
    Happy Birthday!

  3. I have a Canon and LOVE it. I've actually had problems with an older Canon and the company is great to work with.
    Hope you get the hang of this one and enjoy it :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Julie! Don't worry about the other features of the camera. Mine has those special effects and all, but I never know how to use them...haha!


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