Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Ordered The 2 a.m. Wakeup Call?

Not me!  And for the record, it would have been much nicer if the alarm had been set to music and not HAIL.

100_9539 Check it out, that is a huge pile of ice on my doorstep.  It all came out of nowhere!  Dh and I heard the hail hitting the roof over our bedroom but when we went out into the hallway the noise was deafening!  I thought it was something else it was so loud and it felt like the house was being attacked.  Turns out the hail was coming down sideways and hitting against the front of the house…we really thought it was going to bust some of the windows.

100_9537 Just freaky!  The backyard looked like it was covered in snow.  After a while things calmed down and we got everyone back to bed…it took a little longer to actually get back to sleep of course.  Right now we actually have blue skies, although they say we aren’t out of the woods until later this afternoon.  What an experience! 


  1. So glad you guys are ok.

    Last time we heard hail was when a tornado was coming through our town. It woke us up and we immediately thought something wasn't right. We turned on the TV and saw there was a tornado on the ground about 1 mile down the road.. very weird.

    So I am so glad to read your ok :-)

  2. We had a tornado warning around our house last night. We live in an area that attracts them. They touch down all around us. Those storms are no fun!
    Glad everything was okay.

  3. We had that hailstorm on Sunday night. it was a little scary! Quarter size hail with some nasty thunder and lightning. I'm glad it moved through quickly.

    So glad you are enjoying my comics! I'm always happy when someone can relate to my world!

    Peace and Laughter,


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