Monday, March 23, 2009

Planning a Disney World Trip

Yep, you read that right!  We are headed back to “the World” this May!  We are all excited.  :)  May is a great month to go, it’s warm but not super hot, you can swim, Epcot has it’s Flower and Garden expo going on, it’s just a fun month at Disney.  So, since this time I have a little more notice about the trip, I can do a little planning.  And let’s face it, planning is half the fun!  (Especially for Disney veterans like ourselves.)  To begin with, I like to put together a folder.  This is very handy for storing info you will need on the trip, and for collecting paperwork while on the trip that you can use for scrapbooking or other mementos.  Here’s my folder for this trip.

100_9424 100_9425 Front and back.  I had some Disney World themed scrapbooking paper leftover and used it to decorate my covers.  Btw, this is just a plain folder with pockets.  I like using these because they aren’t too bulky.

100_9426The inside.  So far I have the calendar for each park for May with opening and closing times as well as Extra Magic Hours noted.  I printed this up from the Disney World website.  It’s super handy to know the closing and opening times for your trip…you’d be surprised at the odd schedules Disney has sometimes.  A park may close very early for a special event and you need to be in the know!  I haven’t gotten my resort reservation paperwork in the mail yet (don’t know why, it’s been over a week) but when I do that will go in the folder as well.  Okay, we’ve gotten this party started!  I’ll update as I add more planning techniques. :)


  1. You go girl! How fun! Hope you all have a fun time.
    Before we moved here to FL , I used to plan out our trips like this too!
    Are you doing the special they have running now.. the pay for 4 get 3 extra for free - basically staying a week and only paying for 4 days?

  2. Sounds like a fun trip. We are *planning* to visit my relatives in Florida this summer. I think the kids are wanting to visit my aunt's beach house and not their actual home though. lol

  3. Oh how I hope I can go to America :)

  4. Went there when I was 13?14? and loved it. Have a terrific time!


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