Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Mimi Vs Googles


Poor Mimi was just innocently sleeping one morning when she woke to find a Googles in her face!



100_9112 She tried to politely ask Googles to move over, but I’m afraid it turned to violence.



100_9123 In the end, Mimi, queen of world peace, decided to let bygones be bygones.  Finally, cats and Webkinz exist in harmony. :)  For more cat fun please visit Gattina’s blog.  Happy Tuesday cat lovers!


  1. Haha...so, what is googles? Did you put it there? I bet Mimi has no choice but to settle with googles on her face..that's so funny!

  2. LoL...now, I don't know about "harmony"; that last face looks like she subdued her tormentor! Great shots; Happy CoT!

  3. A lot of cats would like a furry companion for napping like that.

  4. Mr. Rhett and Miss Scarlett here love the stuffed toys... they carry them around the house, upstairs and down and meow with their mouths full. Then they finally drop them on the floor, but no where near a place you could get to them to play fetch. It's nice to have a peaceful cat... or dog! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. That´s funny. Google use too much place in the bed.
    Olli and Luzie love it to have a "furry" friend near them.

    PS: I started to read New moon on Sunday and I´m now ready...can´t stop reading. I hope to get Eclipse tommorrow in the book shop too.

  6. That's a funny fight, I suppose that Google got quite some bites, lol !


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