Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can You Teach An Old Disney Dog New Tricks?

A.K.A. you learn something new every day!  I’ve mentioned before that, even though we live 7 hours away, we are Disney World veterans.  We’ve been over 20 times (again, I really need to make an effort to find out exactly how many times!) So it comes as no surprise that I figured planning for our trip this May would be relatively easy and, well, even a bit routine.  Not so. :)

  1. I was reading the weekly newsletter from and discovered that the carpet for the eating area of the Four Seasons in the Land actually represents the four seasons!  When we ate there last Feb. we were in the “winter” section and didn’t even know it!  Note to self for this trip…look down at carpet lol.
  2. Apparently now, if you give a Disney reservations agent your email address, your reservation info gets emailed to you and not sent in the snail mail.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for that letter in the mail, and then discovered, upon closer reading of the email, that there was a link for me to print up the reservation.  Duh.  And I miss getting that letter. :(
  3. I also discovered on said reservation, that you can go to and do a ton of personalized planning there!  When I logged on it said, “Hi Julie, your next vacation is 40 days away!”  How cool is that?  It’s like they know me. :P

What’s the point here?  Wait, I have to have a point?  Yes, even for Disney World veterans, the planning process can be fun and informative.  Let’s face it, Disney World is changing every day, so each visit will be unique in some way.   Better to be ready for it.  Back to my planning.  :)

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