Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday: Rain

Outdoor_Wednesday_logo_thumb[2] I missed the last few weeks of Outdoor Wednesday, but I remembered today!  It rained this morning.  I grabbed the camera and just made a trip around our backyard to observe.

100_9515 A big bee on our screened porch.  Actually, he is stuck in a spider web.  Go spider!  Dh isn’t convinced, but I know that’s the bee that attacked me a few weeks ago.

100_9516 The kids’ Little Tikes car.  The trunk is filled with water…my cats will be bellying up to the bar this afternoon.  :P

100_9517 Dh’s latest project.  One of those “topsy turvey” tomato plant growing thingies.  He bought one for himself and for my mom.  They both watch too many infomercials.

100_9518 My azaleas.  Pretty in pink.

For more of the beautiful outdoors visit Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.


  1. The azaleas are gorgeous! I wish I could grow them. It will be interesting to see how your DH's tomatoes turn out with the new fangled planter. Great OW!

  2. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Julie! Your azalea is gorgeous...even in the rain! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  3. Beautiful azalea I have never been able to grow pretty ones so I have resolved myself to enjoying others. thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh, congrats to you for the beautiful azaleas! And for the blessing of homeschoolings. We homeschooled our son, by choice, in the 11th grade! Quite the adventure and one of our treasured memories and good decisions, so wish we had done it much sooner, when God first spoke. I love the Miss Julia Books, too!

  5. Pretty pink Azaleas and I hope the Tomato's are delicious, the Bee was naughty to attack you last week, but I feel kinda sad for it now :-), love the bright colours of the little tikes car. happy ow, Kathy.

  6. Your Azaleas are beautiful*! I'm going to check back later to see how the tomato thingie worked*!
    LOL* Thank you for stopping by and for the sweet comment. _Ashley*

  7. Those tomato thingies are tempting to purchase. I hope it works for you. Those azaleas are beautiful! In Illinois we are now seeing green grass. It will be awhile before flowers are in bloom here.

  8. Go spider is right! I don't like flies at all. The azaleas are lovely. Does the tomato thing work?
    Thanks for asking about B. Her heart rate is holdling steady, thanks to the betablockers, at about 30 beats a minute above normal. She is not feeling well due to that and the side effects of the drugs.

  9. That azela is so prettypink is so bright! Thank you for stopping by to see me.

  10. Aaawwww poor bee. Then again, he stung you?

    Your azaleas are already in full bloom. And they just had their shower :-)


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