Monday, March 9, 2009

Publix Deals

I recently found this meme about sharing the deals we find at Publix and thought I would join in.  My oldest works at Publix (our store just opened here less than a year ago) but we don’t honestly shop there much…they are so expensive!  However, I have found that when they have a deal it’s a good one, and I really like their meat dept. so I do stop in there before my bi-weekly Wal-Mart trip and pick up any specials and my meat for the weeks.  Works for me!

publix super savers button

Here’s what I scored on my last trip, March 4th.

Quilted Northern 12rl doubles on sale  6.49  I had $1 coupon
Cascade Action Packs             on sale  3.99  I had $1 coupon
Kelloggs Frosted Flakes bogo              4.51  I had $1 coupon
Cheerios bogo                                   4.39  I had .50 coupon
Nature Valley Granola bars    on sale    2.00  I had .60 coupon
Kraft mac&cheese bogo                      1.33
strawberries                     on sale        1.67
ground beef                     on sale        6.85

So I got a 12pk of tp, some dishwasher cleaning tabs, 4 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of granola bars, 2 boxes of mac&cheese, two packs of strawberries and 4 pounds of ground beef for for $30.  Not too shabby.  My coupons totaled $4.70 and my savings were $22.87.  Just keeping my son in business lol.  These deals are still going on so check them out, and to see more Publix Super Savers head to Sarah’s at Fiddledeedee.


  1. I need to join in this too! Does the Publix in your area double coupons? I wasn't sure if they doubled in Florida.

  2. Prices here are rocketing too. Milk has gone from (ringgit) 2.65 to 3.85 in one year. Green veggy from 1.20 to 3.80 and then back to 2.20. Rice has gone from 12 to 15 and now 30. And our politicians say nothing is wrong, everyone is fine, and only prices of non-essentials are going up. Right, I guess that the diamonds they buy are now cheaper but I wish those buggers would do some shopping and see what the rest of us have to live with!


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