Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cats on Tuesday: AlphaCats


100_9006 Mimi and Winnie…they fit to a “T.”

100_8993 Smokey says “C is for cat!”

100_8997 Katy says “You want me to pose as what?  Sorry, I don’t do posing.” :)

For more cat fun please visit Gattina’s blog.  Happy Tuesday Cat Lovers!


  1. Hehehe great alpha cat pose. They can write a message if they want.

    PS:The Twilight book is really good. At first I thought it is only for teenies but I also read Harry Potter books and the German trilogy of Inkworld. Inkworld/ Tintenherz is great but I don´t know if they have it in USA

  2. I love the alpha kitties, very sweet. Katy is too cute refusing to pose, although you might be able to use her as a lowercase l or a capital I.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  3. Hahaha ! that's absolutely great. There is a photo game going on to find letters in all kind of subjects like stairs, trees etc. but your cat alphabet is super ! Unfortunately the game reached the letter m and o by now but your T is very nice to use. I only have to convince Rosie and Arthur !

  4. What a beautiful crew you've got there!

    Thanks for sharin' the pics, and have a great week ahead!

  5. Hi Julie

    That is real cute!! Some cats will do as they're told, but some will do just the opposite, or do nothing at all! Haha..great alpha pics!

  6. Love the cat alphabet! Katy may not be posing but she is showing a very nice M with her paws.


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