Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun In The Rain!

We had about 3 days of non-stop rain over the weekend and Monday.  Fortunately there were no storms with the rain, just a steady dose of wet. :)  We live at the top of a hill, and when we get a good rain a nice little river runs down our street.  The boys and I took advantage of it with an impromptu boat race.

100_9291 Here ds2 crafts his boat with a Styrofoam bowl and some chenille stems.

100_9292 Good job!  His entry represents the good old U S of A.

100_9293 The starting line.

100_9295 My entry had the Irish colors for St. Patrick's day.  For the record, I won. :)  Ds3 and Ds4 put their Webkinz in their boats, so they were slowed down a little.

100_9297 There’s just nothing more fun than running down the street in the rain in your undies.  Well, at least when you are four.

100_9299 Ds3 has been wearing a green shirt for days now…he really doesn’t want to get pinched lol.

100_9296 Ds’s American entry was in the lead for a while.  Eventually his flag got too wet and the Irish overtook him.

We looked like fools (yes, some of the neighbors stood at their windows and doors looking at us) but we had a lot of fun, learned a little, and made memories.  Who says rainy days can’t be fun. :)


  1. Ha! That's funny. Our neighbors look at us and some of the things we do a little strangely too.
    Congrats on winning the race!
    I loved the cat picture. One of our cats used to do that. I had to be sure to check and not turn the dryer on until it was a "cat free zone."

  2. What a fun in the rain. That´s great.
    It must be warm there when they can play barefoot.
    Here it is too cold to play in the rain without shoes. Nobody love to play outside in the rain here. Only one or two times in the summer you can play like that in the rain.
    Here we still wear winterclothes!


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